When you use my website I gather information about your visit. This information I use to improve the user experience of the site.

Use of cookies
A cookie is a small data file which websites save on your computer in order to be able to recognise the computer and to be able to gather information about your use of the website. Cookies are used on nearly all websites today. Cookies kan be used for eg. gathering statistics which can show how the website is used and to secure that all parts of the site are optimized. A cookie is a passive file and can not gather information about you nor can it spread virus or malware on your computer.

Personal information
I gather information about you and your visit on my website through Google Analytics for statistic purposes and for future improvements of the site.

Insight, rights and complaints
Your have the right to know which information I gather about you. At any time you can ask me to delete or change the information I have about you and your visit. Or you can receive a copy of all the information.

The relevant GDPR rules are set out in the Danish Databeskyttelsesforodningen (treaty on data protection) and the Danish law of data protection. To find out more please visit www.datatilsynet.dk