Creative and full of ideas

I am super creative and full of ideas - actually, I am excellent at writing texts that work. I love new challenges and often have suggestions for alternative solutions.

Skilled Copywriter

During my entire career I have written quite a lot of texts - and I consider my self as part of the 'Champions League' in this field.

Fantastic teacher

I have done quite a lot of teaching during my career and I actually consider my self as a good teacher. I have mainly been teaching within the areas of communication and CMS systems.

I am a good colleague and self driven

I am super self driven and enjoy starting and developing new projects. I have a real good sense of humour, I am a good colleague and I believe that it should be fun going to work.

Active spare time

I enjoy playing golf and tennis - and sometimes fishing depending on the weather. I am also a really skilled player of WordFeud and I often play with several friends at the same time. In addition, I also do some volunteering - eg. as secretary and Communication Officer for the Danish association of Ballet and Opera Odsherred Ballet og Opera (OBO).