• 1985 – 1990
    Master of Science in Business Administration and Communication - Copenhagen Business School (CBS)
  • 1982 – 1984
    Graduate from Birkerød Public School
  • 1973 – 1982
    European School of Brussels
  • Courses and seminars over the years
    A variety of courses/seminars about online communication, analyze, traffic, Google, SEO, e-commerce etc. Seminars about the use of different CMS systems eg. Sitecore, Episerver, Magento, Jookla, WordPress, Woocommerce etc. Seminars about the use of graphic/design tools like InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, PDF etc. Seminars about EPR systems eg. SAP and Navision.

The combination of being in an international environment in my early school years and my Masters degree in Business Administeation and Communication have given me the perfect tools for working professionally with the subjects I love - people, communication and teaching. And even in French and English as well.